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Keeping it under 55!

Unlike other "green" home builders, every custom, sustainable home we build meets an Energy Star HERS score less than or equal to 55 without renewable energy. If you add a renewable energy system like solar panels, it's pretty easy to make one of our homes net-zero energy building (NZEB) or zero net energy (ZNE). Net zero means you will produce as much energy as you use while HERS is very similar to the MPG ratings on your car, call and ask me how to do a fair comparison to other homes and see why our approach is the best for you and your family & their health and your pocketbook.

Hands on Craftsmanship

When you hire us to build your custom, luxury home, that is what we do, we build it! We don't just hire a bunch of different crews to do it and hope for the best like most building contractors. BuiltSmart by Bob is a custom, green homebuilder in Asheville that builds homes that are energy efficient, built to last and support Made in North Carolina and Made in the USA manufacturers. Furthermore, we focus on providing our customers a low maintenance, highly durable home, not just one that looks good today!

Healthy, Draft Free Air

Just like a German inspired passivhaus every home we build, without exception, has an efficient, well insulated, close to air-tight building envelope that performs very well in both blower door tests and real world operation. This means one of our healthy homes has no drafts and fresh, clean air for you and your family. Quit buying homes that make you and your family sick! How luxurious is a drafty house with cold spots? The finest, custom home builder makes sure you get measurable energy efficiency and also a healthy, comfortable home to live in.

I Obsess over the details so you don't have to

There is a lot to building house anymore, especially if you want it to be the best built house you have ever called home. Rest assured that even if you don't know much about home building, live very far away or have a busy life of your own, myself and those I work with are paying attention to the little things that make for something great. I very simply have no interest in building anything that won't have you saying "this is the best built home I have ever lived in!" Whether you have a big or small budget, a BuiltSmart by Bob home is luxury anyone can appreciate!